Frequently asked questions

Where do I buy your mushrooms?

Look for us at Farmers Markets throughout the Coachella Valley and Hi Desert communities. Our market schedule is posted on both our web page and facebook page. Join our mailing list to receive our schedule as soon as it is posted. You can also find our mushrooms on the menu at many local restaurants.

How do you grow your mushrooms?

Our mushrooms are tree-based and are grown on sterilized hardwood sawdust in our climate controlled indoor cultivation room.

How long will your mushrooms remain fresh?

Mushrooms store best when kept in a plain brown paper bag at 34 degrees. Under these conditions, mushrooms will remain fresh for a week or more. Remember, mushrooms are 90% water so don't let them sit out too long, unless your intent is to dehydrate them prior to cooking. For longer storage, you can blanche or sautee the mushrooms before freezing. Here is a link to an excellent article describing the process.

Are your mushrooms safe?

Absolutely!! Our gourmet mushrooms are cultivated from carefully maintained cultures. It is impossible for us to accidentally grow anything other than what we intend. The mushrooms we grow have been an integral part of healthy diets across the globe for millenia.

How do I cook with your mushrooms?

Our mushrooms are delicious simply sautéed with butter or olive oil and can be substituted in any recipe that calls for mushrooms. Each mushroom has unique characteristics that make it perfect for certain dishes. Tell us what you’re cooking, and we’ll be happy to recommend a mushroom!

Do I need to wash your mushrooms?

Our mushrooms are harvested in a clean environment and do not need to be washed. From time to time you might see a speck or two of something on your mushrooms. Those specks are tiny pieces of sterilized sawdust and can be easily brushed off before cooking.

Can I eat your mushrooms raw?

The mushrooms can be eaten raw in moderation but are best when cooked. Cooking the mushrooms not only releases the mushroom flavor but also releases the nutrients.

If you're not finding your answer here, please feel free to call or email us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have!