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Just Mushrooms is a resource offering plant-based mushroom centric recipes for the novice and master alike. This book offers an array of methodologies for cooking mushrooms while harnessing their healing potential. With a focus on the future, whole body health and sustainability take center stage by keeping all recipes plant-based and gluten-free. Authors Michelle + Camille so strongly believe in mushrooms' power to heal our bodies, minds and the planet that they wanted to offer an inspirational collection of plant-based recipes featuring mushrooms as the protein. Mushrooms are approximately 30% protein and offer a great meaty texture. Use this highly creative and diverse collection as a source for your own exploration of mushrooms. This book takes you on a tour of all that mushrooms can do for you and the planet by offering a brief treatise on mushrooms, a health benefit section and recipes like you’ve never seen before. 


Mushrooms are a panacea for many of our most pressing issues: preventing and reversing cognitive decline, fortifying your immune system, protecting against cancers, saving the bee populations, bioremediation, and so much more. Due to the truly amazing array of benefits offered by mushrooms, Michelle + Camille crafted a condensed, colorful book, full of options to surprise and tantalize you. Just Mushrooms provides recipes for dishes like, Uramaki Combs Tooth Sushi Roll and a savory holiday Mushroom Gravy! This cookbook gives tips for getting the reluctant mushroom eater on board and offers different serving sizes and recipes for different skill levels. Start with the Lion’s Mane Pudding and work your way up to Thai Curry Patties.


Just Mushrooms brings you a short guide to help open the doors for the many ways mushrooms can be transformed to create amazing dishes that everyone will love! These 23 recipes provide a foundation of knowledge that will give you everything you need to feel comfortable working with mushrooms. We teach you a shredding technique, a pressing method, patty making and many other ways to turn mushrooms into a savory side or your main entree. The appendix section of Just Mushrooms offers a brief introduction to the health benefits of mushrooms as a superfood. Use the health benefit section to explore which mushroom or fungi recipe can help reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation, and increase longevity. Just Mushrooms offers a delicious way to take a step towards the future of food and a more sustainable tomorrow.

Just Mushrooms Cookbook

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